Setting Up

Caldesene initially approached us to introduce one of their products to Facebook as a trial. They had never touched social or digital media before, but had heard what all the buzz was about from others, eager to get a taste themselves.

We set about establishing a Facebook page for the Caldesene product, and introduced the company as a whole to Digital Media. We showed them the major benefits of not only having your product online, but how easy and pain free it is when managed by a company such as Grafton Media.

What happened next?

Within the first 48 hours of the brand starting on Facebook, we took the page from 6 follows right up to 600 followers through clever interaction with users and promoting hype around the brand.

The page now has even more followers than ever before and is still building, allowing Grafton Media to gather valuable data and customer feedback for the Caldesene brand that will ultimately increase sales and help shape the brands future.

Infact, Caldesene were so impressed, they allowed us to extend our offering to manage their Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising across different platforms including Facebook and Google, promoting the brand and driving sales even further.

What Happens Next?