Top 5 iPhone apps to Improve Productivity


Top 5 iPhone apps to Improve Productivity

If you’re an iPhone owner you know the value behind its applications but what simple applications are available for those who want to increase productivity?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed at choice? Never fear, we have a great selection of productivity apps for you to download and help you along in life.

  1. Agenda Calendar

Agenda is a calendar app that has built-in messaging that’s especially handy if you’re running late and need to change times for appointments.

Cost: €0.89

  1. Pop for iOS

Probably the most simple app in design, Pop is designed to be straight-to-the-point. Got thoughts? Things on your mind? Type them down in Pop and come back to them later.

Cost: €0.89

  1. iDolly

This is an incredibly useful app. iDolly allows the user to edit and share documents on your iPhone. Not only that but combined with Dolly Sync, all of your changes will sync automatically to all your devices. A very handy app to have and it’s free!

Cost: Free

  1. Checkmark

Checkmark is super-useful if you’re out and about and need to be reminded of things to do or get away from home. A location-based app,  it’s incredibly easy to use.

Cost: €0.89

  1. Clear

With a clear (excuse the pun) and concise interface this app is not to be missed and gives you little excuse not to get certain tasks done. List-orientated, you can also get it to sync your lists with iCloud – just in case.

Cost: €1.79

IPhone productivity apps

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