Grafton Media’s Midweek Medley – 08 August 2012

midweek video medley

Its that time of the week again where we give you an excuse to sit back, relax and watch some pretty cool videos. Similar to last week we are keeping with the Olympic theme.

I have chosen the campaigns from the official sponsors, as we all know the games would not be such a success without their support. The “Advertisement” Olympics are as competitive as any event in the Olympics London 2012, even though they pay for the spotlight they face stiff competition from unofficial sponsors being crafty about getting their brands associated with, or piggybacking on the Olympic hype, weather it is Beats by Dre or Paddy Powers outdoor campaign. Personally I commend these companies on the basis that being creative and cheeky is a sport within itself.

The first campaign that got my attention was the P&G campaign “Proud Sponsors of Mums” and from this theme they produced a series of short films titled “Raising an Olympian” I enjoyed learning the stories behind the athletics their ups and downs and their unique journey. Such stories like that of Kavita Raut or Paula Findlay and of course of the British Golden Girl Jessica Ennis along with new swimming sensation Ryan Lochte. I have chosen the Gabby Douglas story here as she has since been signed by P&G but you can view more heart warming stories here.


Adidas the world famous sporting brand has a great energy to its campaign and has highlighted a variety of British talent which of course includes David Beckham. They have a series of advertisements under the “Take the Stage” theme, which are worth a look; this one is more focused on the energy rather then the hard core athletic, which does help it break through the clutter of a lot of other brands that are doing their best to use the motivational angle.


And last but not least is the “Go world” campaign from Visa, which highlights some of the iconic Olympic moments such as the perfect 10 by Nadia Comaneci.


What have been your Olympic videos of the week?

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