Google Nose

Google Nose

Google has launched a beta version of Google Nose. The new feature incorporates scents into search results. To access the new feature, simply carry out a random Google search and a Google Nose button will appear next to the Images button. You will then be redirected to a landing page which will allow you to try out Google Nose for yourself. The next page brings up a number of random results which you can smell. These scent results include The Beach, Waffles, Diapers and The Gym among many others. Just click the smell button and off you go. If you don’t immediately experience the scent you searched for, your hardware might not be strong enough for the new service so try moving your face as close to the computer screen as possible. Then sit back and check what day it is. Yep, unfortunately it’s an April Fools’ joke from Google!

One of the things I love most about this elaborate prank by Google is the help section of the ‘new service’. For the people who still haven’t figured out that this is a prank, are still pressing their noses against laptops and iPads, and still can’t get Google Nose to work, not to worry; Google Nose is still in Beta so of course it won’t work on every machine. For those experiencing errors etc, here are some solutions provided by Google:

  • Due to technological constraints, not all smells are compatible with all devices. From a user’s point of view, of course this is acceptable. We can’t expect Google to have Google Nose fully accessible on all devices. I’m sure it would work on Chromebooks though!
  • Refrain from licking or biting your screen. Come on, we all have a friend who would stoop to this level of embarrassment and we’ve already sent them on the link to Google Nose.
  • Try upgrading to a modern browser, such as Google Chrome. Hat tip to Google for this one- we’re all used to experiencing problems with various browsers. Of course Google Nose will work on Chrome though. I wonder how many people downloaded Chrome to experience Google Nose?!

Here is promo video for Google Nose:

If you think that was all from Google, think again. The company was very busy on run up to April Fools’ Day this year. Google also announced that YouTube would be shut down after 8 years and would no longer allow videos to be uploaded. This, to me, is less believable than Google Nose. However, one could be more convinced after Google released a video filled with very well known YouTube stars, which explains that YouTube was originally set up for a competition to find the best video on the internet. It’s amusing to see the group of people sitting down to review each and every YouTube video before a winner is announced in the year 2023. YouTube will then go live again but will only feature the winning video.

Here is the very entertaining promo video for the closure of YouTube:

The company also added a Treasure Map feature to Google Maps. This feature transforms Maps into an old-style pirate map which includes drawing of some famous landmarks. For example, if you zoom in on Dublin or New York, you can see 2-D drawings of landmarks such as The Spire, The Statue of Liberty etc. The Treasure Map feature is a follow-on from the 8-Bit Google Maps prank from 2012.

Google is very well known for pranks around April Fools’ Day from the Job Openings for Autocompleters video to this year’s Google Nose feature. In my opinion, this year we have witnessed the most entertaining series of pranks to date. Let’s hope that Google can up the ante again and try to get one over on us in 2014.
Happy April Fools’ Day.

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