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What’s App 

Social media giant Facebook is hard to avoid even if you’re not a member. But there’s one interesting market it hasn’t fully ‘taken over’ yet – the smartphone messaging market. For iPhone users there are plenty of apps out there that dominate the global messaging market share including the very popular application ‘What’s App that has millions of users.

FacebookTake a look at this data from Onavo. Onavo is an app that gives insights and advice to get more out of data, on the map here via TechCrunch, we see the scale of the WhatsApp market.


This image shows the amount of iPhone owners across the world that use messaging apps (Skype and Viber interestingly enough isn’t included in this data).

WhatsApp it seems, as dominance in European countries, very much ahead of Facebook but what’s interesting is if you have a closer look at Asia.

Asia in particular it appears has more of a reliance on homegrown apps than the Facebook messenger.

Take for example the messaging app usage in South Korea, KakaoTalk, the free mobile messenger application holds 88% of the market while LINE, the social media app, in Japan takes 44%, above Facebook’s 15%. And of course Facebook can’t get into the biggest market – China – because of its ban there.

So it looks like the social media may have a to wait a while before it takes over the world!

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