Effective searching on YouTube

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Effective searching on YouTube

YouTube is almost like another universe. It’s crowded with content with hundreds of thousands new videos being uploaded everyday.

But what if you want to find videos that are being uploaded right now on YouTube? What if you want to customize your search to find content that could be valuable to your business, your company or blog?

Here are a few tips to help maximize your YouTube search.

YouTubeThe Filter System

If you’re just browsing YouTube for fun this probably won’t apply to you much but it can make for a more interesting browsing experience.

When you search for a video on YouTube it automatically comes back with the one it feels bears most relevance to your query.

The ‘filter’ button appears to the top left of your search and if you click on it more interesting options are available to the user – from long to short videos, to hunting down videos in HD, the world is your oyster with this filtering system.

So what filters should you focus on and what will help to refine your search even more?

Check the upload date

This may seem obvious but so many people don’t have a look at the date and instead choose to view the ‘rating’ or rely on ‘relevance.’

By clicking the upload date you can filter items to see what’s literally been just uploaded and making its way onto the masses. By constantly using the ‘upload date’ option you can be always on the ball which is quite handy if you want to be the first to catch a video scoop.

Don’t mind the ratings (sometimes)

The ratings are based on users’ views so depending on the scenario this mightn’t be any use to you.

If you’re looking for the best quality video from a concert or event then the rating filter is quite effective in filtering the not so good quality to the best. However if you’re looking for something like a funny home video then the rating button and it’s ‘thumbs up’ could be your best friend.

Be specific when searching

Again this sounds like an obvious one but can be often overlooked. The more information you put into that YouTube search bar the more ‘relevant’ searches it can find for you.

Even more helpful is of course remembering the uploader’s name for certain videos.

Remember, don’t forget to make sure that you’re logged in to keep track of your history. You can customize YouTube to suit you and make your searches more memorable.

These are just a few tips to help you when browsing YouTube, it’s about combining the options to see what best for you. Happy video searching!


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